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Avail from us an array of Finest quality fiber which includes Carbon Fiber, Concrete Fiber and Glass Fiber to name a few...

An Introduction

Nowadays, Fiber has become one of the most favored materials of builders for adding to the mixture of concrete and thereby increasing the structural integrity & strength of a building. And to transform their agenda of building strong structures, they look for a reliable supplies of these, this is where we Sakthi Traders come in act, as the company eminently works towards fulfilling the demands of people for various concrete fibers. The company operates as a Trader for serving the finest products to the clients. who belong to the construction industry. We ensure that the customers of our company receive the best quality fibers and for ensuring this we not just maintain healthy relationship with several reputed names of the industry but also inspect production procedure of concrete mixture component at their places. From these our prominent vendors we procure the commendable range and further cater to the customers premium quality of Polypropylene Fiber, Concrete Fiber, Glass Fiber, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete and many more.

The success of our company is achieved on the grounds of trust, quality and reliability, as since inception we have completely oriented ourselves towards attaining the contentment of the customers. Furthermore, the team working in our facility has not makes sure to maintain good relations with the vendors and the customers, but also emphasize upon coordination with each other so that we can have a streamline flow in the supply chain management.

How Fiber Effects Concrete Mixture?

Usually Fibers are added in concrete mixture to control cracking as these small compositions once get bonded with each other eliminates the chances of breaking due to dry shrinkage. When the mixture is added with our offerings, it carries short and discrete fibers which are randomly oriented but uniformly distributed and hence give strength to the construction material composition. Fibers such as Glass Fibers, Steel Fibers, Synthetic Fibers lends varying properties to the mixture, their use depends upon the requirements of the individuals. Offered various types of fibers are used owing to their properties for better abrasion, shatter resistance, high bonding strength and longer shelf life. Also, Fibers are used for significantly reducing the bleeding of water from the concrete mixture.

Our Mission

The main mission of our company is to cater the commendable variety of fiber to a large number of customers. These fibers are an economical way to boost the strength of concrete mixture and makes a constructed building more worthy of trust. Apart from this, we focus towards building relation with the customers and the vendors of our company so that in future we can have a stronghold in the markets of the entire nation and presence of our business across the globe. Below stated are some factors which we have included as the goals of our company:

  • To be a highly recognized as a company which offers an unmatched quality of Fibers at reasonable Rates.
  • To make the products available to every corner of Domestic as well as international markets.
  • To grow and succeed by earning satisfaction of the customers.